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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I like Pairs

So this first hat is pretty basic. It's kittyville from SNB. It's for my sister's birthday (my 32 year-old sister, who I know will wear this all the time). I'd like to refer to it as monsterville. at some point, i plan on getting button eyes and sewing them to the front. I used some no-name leftover green wool (from another hat project) and a doubled up moda dea Wild! probably one of the few fun furs i didn't mind working with. It turns out very thick doubled up, not as stringy as other furs. Here it is on me:

The second hat is a tale of tragedy turned happy ending. My friend Mike in Arizona wanted a hat (apparently it gets cold at night?). So I had some leftover Moda Dea and decided to make him knittys Tychus while on a long bus ride. It's a ridicuously easy pattern, so it only took me an hour ot get halfway through. That was when I realized I had grossly overestimated the amount of yarn I had. I got this far:

until I ran out. I had a good amount of brown left, but not a lot of the multicolored yarn. SO i ripped it out and decided to still do the short row, but with less stitches. I cast on 24 stitches, rather than 38. I still did the same amount of turns, so the hat would still be as wide (look at the pattern so this explanation will mke more sense), but not as high. I managed to get all the way around and done. Then I added a ribbed band around the bottm to make the hat long enough to fit. Now comes the second problem. There was no way the hat could fit his head. It just fits mine, and I'm an inch less in cranium size. BUT, a miracle! it looks really cute on my head and i'm in a place that actually has winter. So I will keep this one and make Mike a new one.

I hope to have more exciting stuff later.


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