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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Deux Sweaters

This is Stitch N' Bitch's "Peppermint twist." All the colors are a different brand cotton. The blue was that cheapo Sugar stuff you can get at Joann's. I don't remember the other two brands. I only recommend this sweater if you have the patience to knit on size 2 needles. I myself will never, ever do that again. I look very unflattering in horizontal stripes, so I opted for an image on the front. I was inspired by my mom's old 70s knitting mags. The adult sweaters are all pretty bland, but the kid's stuff has all these fun stripes and images and bright colors. My sister recommended the dinosaur. I made the pattern for the dino by getting a piece of paper and cutting it to the dimensions of the front of the sweater. Then I drew a dino and measured all the spaces. Next, I applied the gauge to the measurements I got. Not as perfect as using a grid, but obviously it worked out fine.

The majority of the yarn was purchased using a gift certificate. When I got to the sleeves I didn't know if I'd have enough left for the recommended length of the sleeves. I decided to knit them backwards, starting at the should and increasing rather than binding off. I also worked the two sleeves simultaneously. I think it ended up being about the same length (if not more). I have about ten feet of the blue yarn left.

To make the back exciting, I made the tale scuttle along the back.

Second Sweater:

This one's from last year. The first sweater I've ever done. The yarn was Moda Dea "Metro." I based the pattern on one I found in those lovely knitting mags my mom has. The heart design is from a sweatshirt I own and I added the hearts to the sleeves. If I remember, I shortened the torso and applied the button band differently. I actually kind of threw this in my closet for months without putting on the buttons. My mom finally ended up doing it. I was just really frustrated with it. It was my first intarsia work and I didn't realize that intarsia makes the stitches tighter. Subsequently, the front ribbing flares out rather than tightening. The buttons don't stay very well, either. Once I retried the sweater on, I realized that it doesn't look half bad.


At 6:22 AM, Blogger Jen said...

That heart sweater is adorable!


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